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Our Story

Developed for Aviation now available to everyone

Ever since leather seats were introduce on to passenger aircraft, airlines have had to struggle with ink marks and other “permanent” stains, slowly ruining their leather seats, cabin and appearance.

With solutions ranging from throwing the entire seat cover away (very expensive), to using solvents and repainting the cover (looks awful, durability of the leather is now lost), and with aviation regulations making it harder to use flammable materials or unproven and untested cleaners plus products that have a negative environmental impact, most airlines now replace their seat covers with new.

Until Now…

MX14 was developed with all the required regulations in mind. This water based Ink and Stain remover has been tested to ASTM standards and complies with the REACH standard for MSDS. It has been extensively trialed on aircraft type leathers and coverings and has the ability to remove not only aged (up to 1 year) ink marks, but a whole range of other stains and blemishes.

MX14 is also an Effective Antibacterial Multi-surface cleaner. Great for disinfecting high traffic areas and surfaces, killing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on contact.

Manufactured by an ISO 9001-2015 (Quality) and ISO 14001-2015 (Environmental) company this unique product, developed for aviation, is now available for your home. MX14 Is water soluble, biodegradable, safe and yet incredibly effective in removing stains. Please remember not all fabrics and leathers are the same, even though MX14 has been extensively tested if your materials are not colour fast then there is a chance that by using the MX14 cleaner you could remove the surface colour. Always check for compatibility by applying the MX14 solution to a hidden area first.

Our assurance