Developed to Aviation Industry Standards of Safety and Effectiveness.
No Bleaches, No Chlorines, No Solvents. 100% Biodegradable.

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MX14 is a water-soluble & bio-degradable stain remover. 100% Safe for use on clothes. Remove grease, food stains, ink, food colouring and more!

Carpets & Upholstery

Remove grease, food stains, ink, food colouring and more! Bring your carpets and upholstery back to life.


MX14 is a water-soluble & bio-degradable stain remover and so 100% safe for use on clothes.

Easy to Use

Remove stains from leather, carpet, upholstery, car seats, clothes, mattresses, curtains, rugs and many more.

Unbeatable Stain Removal

Ever since leather seats were introduce on to passenger aircraft, airlines have had to struggle with ink marks and other “permanent” stains, slowly ruining their leather seats, cabin and appearance.

With solutions ranging from throwing the entire seat cover away (very expensive), to using solvents and repainting the cover (looks awful, durability of the leather is now lost), and with aviation regulations making it harder to use flammable materials or unproven and untested cleaners plus products that have a negative environmental impact, most airlines now replace their seat covers with new.

Easy to Use

Apply the MX14 solution directly to the stain or ink mark by injecting it into the area; this is achieved by pushing the cotton tip end in and out using a “Dabbing” motion. This will release the MX14 from the pen, through the nib and on to the effected area. Apply enough MX14 so that the entire stain or ink mark is completely wet.

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We supply alongside national and international firms as well as individuals worldwide

Incredibly effective, water soluble, biodegradable and ISO9001 quality assured. This unique, quality assured stain remover is now available for home use.

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