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  • no bleach chlorine or solventno bleach, chlorine or solvent
  • zero plasticzero plastic packaging

100% biodegradable

How does It work?

If it's fading, it's working. repeat as required

Spot Cleaner Pen


Use the spot cleaning pen to apply the MX14 directly to the stained area.



Leave the solution in place for as long as possible, overnight is best.



Remove the solution by washing with cold water either by hand or by machine.

Unbeatable Stain Removal

MX14 is a water-soluble & bio-degradable stain remover and Anti-bacterial multi-surface cleaner.
100% Safe for use on clothes. Great for disinfecting surfaces, remove grease, food stains, ink, food colouring and more!

Ever since leather seats were introduce on to passenger aircraft, airlines have had to struggle with ink marks and other “permanent” stains, slowly ruining their leather seats, cabin and appearance.

With solutions ranging from throwing the entire seat cover away (very expensive), to using solvents and repainting the cover (looks awful, durability of the leather is now lost), and with aviation regulations making it harder to use flammable materials or unproven and untested cleaners plus products that have a negative environmental impact, most airlines now replace their seat covers with new.


Watch mx14 in action

  • Easy to useEasy to use
  • zero plasticzero plastic packing
  • ISO approvalsISO approvals
Our assurance

Don’t just take our word for It!

Based on 383 reviews from Amazon and eBay 4.43 stars

"I bought this product to get rid of an ink stain on my husband’s tailored shirt. I was a bit disappointed to start with, because the stain didn’t disappear fully (it faded considerably) on the first application as the instructions suggested. I contacted their customer service to get a refund. Gary who responded my email was very helpful, he gave me some instructions for a second application and when that didn’t finished the job he offered to get my husband’s shirt fixed in their lab as part of their research.

I got my refund through amazon and the guys in the MX14 lab did an amazing work on the stain. The product works, some stains might need patience as their new instructions say, and their customer service is outstanding. They are also willing to do more research make their product better. I will definitely recommend them again."

Industry Leading Stain Removal &Antibacterial multi-surface cleaner

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